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Outbrain automatically places your best content at the foot of your article to guide your readers towards more of what you have to offer.

Our content recommendation system personalizes links for each of your readers. We blend contextual analysis, collaborative filtering (“people who read this article also read…”), and personalization to sift through all your content and select the best four or five links to show at any time

Outbrain also serves links to articles on other sites that partners are paying us to distribute. Like all our content recommendations, these paid links are targeted to provide your readers interesting content that we think they will enjoy. In return, you share in the proceeds, developing a significant new revenue stream based on high user engagement that complements your editorial mission.

As a result, your readers get a personalized data-driven selection of content they’ll enjoy, increasing your traffic, your revenue and your readers’ loyalty, all in one step. No two readers are alike — why should the content you recommend to them be the same?

Did we mention that it’s free, fully automated, and takes about 60 seconds to install?

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