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Download Muat Turun Tonton Online streaming,YOU BELIEVE IN GHOST? Is a horror comedy movie that has a touch of Malaysian culture especially the Chinese.

Watch You Believe In Ghost

This movie contains four different stories and uniquely blends together which contains elements of fear, mystery, love and humor.A very suitable movie that surely will entertain all ages and races in Malaysia, as 85% of the world’s population believe in ghost. This RM 600 000 budgeted movie managed to highlight some of the true-life experience stories happened in our Chinese community. As it was quite difficult to complete a movie in this low budget, the producer and the director succeeded in narrating the movie not only as a horror film, it is also a mind provoking one. To make the film as realistic as possible, the crew that is made up of 80% of Malays managed to shoot some scenes in actual location where the incident occurred. At the early stage the production crew and the director were not given a green light to highlight the actual story and the location. But after a series of persuasion and as the stories could shade some light on the negative activity done by the so-called “bomoh” and “ghost whisperer”. The crew was given the rights to continue the shoot. A movie that is not to be missed by any Malaysians…

Pengarah : M. Subash Abdullah
Syarikat Penerbit : Genius Parade Sdn Bhd
Bahasa : Mandarin
kategori : Filem Cereka
Genre : Ngeri, Keluarga, Komedi
Klasifikasi : U - Untuk tontonan umum
Tarikh Tayangan : 17 Mei 2012

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