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Download Muat Turun Tonton Online Streaming sinopsis OST filem Alamaya, Jian is a thoughtful and artistic eight-year-old boy living in the suburbs of SS2. His mother owns a struggling florist while his father mysteriously disappeared.

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One day, he is given an animal Pictionary book by a mysterious toy vendor, Pak Wan. Before Jian could read his book, two neighbourhood bullies tear it into pieces. Distressed Jian tries to put together the pieces of his book. As a result of this, Jian is suddenly transported into the magical world of Alamaya. In this world the animals are all hybrids and are intelligent.

Jian meets Dzul, a chatty Snaileon who has run away from home after an argument with his father, Lord Dzham. Dzul takes him to see The Seer, an ancient Snaileon priestess who tells Jian of a prophecy that ties him to the fate of Alamaya. While they are there, the Ribuwarna Grove is attacked, forcing Jian and Dzul to seek the Deerabbits, once proud warriors of the forest, who now live as recluses deep in the Bambroot Forest. Minuke, a spirited young Deerabbit is the only one worried about the state of her tribe’s denial.

Jian and Dzul then meet Tottori, an exiled Deerabbit with a dark past. Tottori offers himself as a hired warrior hoping to redeem himself. And so the unlikely trio travel towards Mount Bora Api where Scora, a villainous sorceress- has captured the Mountain Elemental and is slowly destroying Alamaya. The further they travel into Alamaya the more they see signs of destruction and discord. They decide that the best course of action is for Jian to collect the four artefacts of the elementals which when combined will awaken the great Mount Bora Api and renew the land. They meet Viktor on the way, a cunning Batmon who befriends them for seemingly innocent reasons.

At the Liquid Sapphire, the three friends are separated. Tottori is captured by the Spiderogs while Jian after getting the Ocean Artefact looses Dzul in an underwater skirmish with the Ratopusses. Dzul finds Millie, a Hermit Mole who takes him into the desert while Viktor who has been waiting for an opportunity to get Jian alone, carries him away. Viktor turns out to be a traitor who is working for Scora, and Viktor is on a mission to get rid of Jian, any way possible.

Minuke who has managed to rouse the Deerabbit army rescues Tottori. Tottori and Dzul reunite and discover that Viktor has taken Jian to Tangerine Canyon to kill him. They set off to rescue him while Minuke goes to rally more troops for the final battle.

In the desert Tottori and Dzul stumble upon the Oasis of Desire run by Enemos, the crazy Desert Elemental. By sorting out their differences they not only escape but obtain the Desert Artefact. Meanwhile Viktor has a change of heart and rescues Jian from being devoured in Tangerine Canyon. He leaves him near the Horaseagle’s Nest and goes back to Scora. He lies to Scora that Jian is dead but Scora is suspicious. She imprisons Viktor and decides that it is time to unleash her army and destroy Alamaya once and for all.

Jian meets Shade, the leader of the Horseagles who sends her troops to pick up Tottori and Dzul. As the three friends gaze at the evil army of Scora in the shadow of Mount Bora Api, Minuke arrives with the army she has collected. She tells Tottori to lead them.

Dzul is reunited with the Snaileons but he decides to follow Jian to get the final artefact, which is around Scora’s neck. As Tottori, Minuke and the good animals of Alamaya battle Scora’s army, Shade lifts Jian and Dzul up into the sky and drops them at the lip of Mount Bora Api. With the help of Dzul, Jian gets the final artifact, finally fitting the Bullhorn of Creation together. He blows on it, awaking Mount Bora Api- who swallows Scora into its fiery depths. In the aftermath, Scora rises again as a fiery monster and would have killed Jian if Viktor did not save him by standing in her way. Scora is vanquished by the Elementals -who united by their artefacts- repels her off their land.

Without Scora a mystical spell is lifted and Viktor turns out to be Ah Boon, Jian’s father. He is dying but Caramona, the Mountain Elemental appears and heals him. In the end all three of our heroes find what they need. Dzul earns the respect of his tribe while Tottori finds love and redemption in Minuke. And after a great feast, Jian and Ah Boon return to SS2 a family once more.

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Syarikat Penerbit : SHOCK 3D Sdn. Bhd.
Bahasa : Bahasa Inggeris
kategori : Filem Animasi
Genre : Pengembaraan, Animasi, Fantasi
Klasifikasi : U - Untuk tontonan umum
Tarikh Tayangan : 2012

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